To Eat Or Not To Eat

When I’m on the run I don’t have time for breakfast, or at least I don’t make time for breakfast. This could be the case with our students.  Research suggests that breakfast enhances our students’ academic achievement.  Many of us are familiar with this finding, but how many of us include this into our teaching, especially before our students receive a big test?  Not any breakfast will suffice either.  The recommended breakfast includes fruit, fiber, and protein, rather than foods with trans fats, which is noted by Dalia Perelman from the Camino Medical Center in Mountain View, CA to “deteriorate cognitive function.”1  Other studies suggest that students who ate breakfast were “more attentive in the classroom, earned higher grades in math, and had significantly fewer behavioral and emotional problems.”2fruit  If breakfast will increase my students’ chances of academic achievement, then having a little breakfast party I will.  Where’s that breakfast of champions… 

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