National Student Excellence Program Set for Fall 2009


QLN COO Mark Reardon and President Bobbi DePorter with Mayor of Oceanside, Jim Wood

Learning Forum International, the non-profit side of our amazing organization, announced the launch of a national student character-building initiative, “Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys,” at a celebration event held at our headquarters in Oceanside, California on Tuesday.

The event turned out beautifully!! It was attended by several local dignitaries and representatives from national, state and local government, including Oceanside Mayor, Jim Wood, as well as business and civic leaders who are supporting the program.

The “Communities of Excellence” program teaches students how to use the 8 Keys of Excellence to improve their learning and life skills both inside and outside the classroom and can be implemented at a district level or at individual schools. Participating teachers and school administrators receive training in the 8 Keys curriculum, which focuses on one Key per month from September through April and an 8 Keys celebration in May. Over the course of the program, students receive a set of 8 Keys keycards and a key ring.

Participating teachers and students also gain access to 8 Keys lessons, worksheets, and learning activities at the Communities of Excellence website,

“ ‘Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys’ will take the 8 Keys of Excellence to a broader student base nationally by uniting community leaders, businesses, organizations, educators and parents in support of year-long school programs,” said QLN president Bobbi DePorter. “The purpose of this initiative is to inspire students to make positive choices and become productive members of their schools, their families, and society.”

In accepting a plaque for the City of Oceanside in recognition of the city’s support of Communities of Excellence, Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood said, “Supporting young people, who are our future, is what it’s all about. The Communities of Excellence program does just that and I’m pleased, on behalf of the City of Oceanside, to support this very worthwhile initiative.”

Want to find out more about this initiative or even get your classroom or school involved? Visit the Communities of Excellence website or call 760-305-7317.


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