A Very Successful Summer for Quantum Learning

QLMaestroQuantum Learning Education has had its busiest summer yet, and the training season is far from over. We have worked with thousands of students and hundreds of teachers throughout July and August, and have several programs booked for the rest of the summer months.

Our largest Quantum Learning for Students program of the summer was held in Houston, Texas and impacted 305 students. 98% of these kids and teens were classified as “homeless” by the government, and many were living in foster homes. This was truly an amazing experience for all of the students and facilitators involved and we hope to do many more student programs like it in the future.

We have also worked in California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Maine, Florida, Wyoming, Iowa, New Mexico, Montana, and Illinois, in the last few months. Talk about busy! We are continuing to plan student and teacher programs for the beginning of the school year and through 2010.

One Quantum Learning for Teachers program that was held recently took place in Milan, Tennessee, and included local elementary, middle, and high school teachers, administrators and staff. We received some great feedback from this 5-day training, led by QL facilitator Cami Eiskamp, with teachers reporting an increase in energy, enthusiasm, and motivation for the upcoming school year. Read an article from the Jackson Sun about this professional development program here.

Well, that’s just a little bit about what we’ve been up to this summer, what about you? We sincerely hope you all are having a fantastic summer and look forward to seeing you in one of our teacher workshops in the fall!


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