Quantum Learning Education Presents San Diego Teacher Workshops

Two public teacher workshops will be held at the Quantum Learning Network campus in north San Diego County this summer. These Quantum Learning for Teachers professional development programs for educators provide a proven research-based approach to curriculum design and delivery.

Teachers will learn the steps for building a strong foundation, a positive atmosphere of rapport and respect, and a supportive environment. The teacher workshops will also include steps for improving presentation skills, designing engaging lessons and identifying and reaching all types of learners. Educators will also learn strategies for effective classroom management, accelerating learning, making content more meaningful, and supporting standards-based curriculum.

The workshops are open to all K-12 teachers, Title 1 coordinators, Administrators, GATE instructors, Special Ed instructors, Counselors, and Adult/Vocational Ed specialists. Instruction covers QLT Levels 1 through 5 during a 5-day workshop. Participants can take the full 5-day program or, choose one or more days depending upon their prior QLT training. Workshop participants receive resource manuals appropriate for their specific training day(s).

The teacher workshops are June 28 – July 2, 2010 and July 26 – 30, 2010. To learn more and to register now, educators can visit www.QLN.com or call Rebecca at 800-285-3276, ext 152. There are discounts for enrolling for the full five days and for enrolling five or more people.

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