Quantum Learning For Parents

Janet Annett, a Project Director for Aprendiendo Por Vida GEAR UP in Arizona, has loved Quantum Learning for Teachers and Students in the past and wanted to bring the learning to parents.  Annett invited Olivia Duarte from Mexico City to come to Arizona and lead a Quantum Learning for Parents session.  The room was filled with native Spanish-speaking moms and Olivia related to each parent without losing anything in translation.  Forty-five minutes into the session, the first gentleman walked into the group.  He was the only dad there, and Olivia welcomed him and included him immediately.

Olivia ended her session on a topic of dependency and fear.  In Quantum Learning for Parents, facilitators explain, “Parents have fears, and we pass these fears down to our children.  These fears then create a barrier for our children.”

At the close of the session, everyone exited the room except for the one father, who stayed back to chat with Olivia.  He told Olivia that his youngest son has a plan of going into the Marines right after high school.  The father then further explained that he and his wife have been fighting with their son over that decision for months, trying to change his mind.  During Olivia’s closing session, the father realized that his fear of losing his son had created a barrier for his son.  He told Olivia, he should be supporting his son’s dream, not turning it down out of fear.

Helping parents recognize the positive and negative impact they have on their children is just one of the benefits of Quantum Learning for Teachers.  Janet truly believes that having this program in Spanish was the best way to reach the parents of her students, and made a dramatic difference.  “The moms were begging Olivia to stay for one more hour by the end of the four hour session!  I told them don’t worry, we have scheduled four more sessions with Olivia next year.”


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