13 Ideas To Get Kids Active

Thanks to PTO Today for this great article!

Field day. Create an obstacle course, play kickball, or set up a bowling alley with pins made from soda bottles partially filled with sand. Older kids love messy games like the water balloon toss, or try having teams move a pile of flour from one end of the line to the other by passing it over their heads in a small pail. Relay races and events modeled on the Olympics are popular, as well.

Gym games. Hold a gym night or add gym games to another family night. Team games add excitement. Two favorites: the shoe shuffle, a relay in which kids shuffle across the floor with shoeboxes on their feet; and the drop-and-pop relay, in which kids run to a chair, sit on a balloon and try to pop it, then run back to tag the next person in line. An imaginative obstacle course using hoops to hop through and boxes to crawl through can also be great fun.

Fun run. A fun run can be a great fundraiser, but it’s also a good way to build school spirit and get more parents involved. Typically, kids run laps and get pledges per lap. You also can work with the PE teacher to teach kids fundamentals like the importance of warming up and pacing themselves as they run.

Walkathon. A walkathon is like a fun run, but it usually is extended over a period of time while a fun run takes place on a single day. The Briarlake Elementary PTA in Decatur, Ga., created a “million steps challenge”, giving students pedometers to track how many steps they took during a 40-day period. When the steps were totaled, they had taken enough to cross the United States five times.

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