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Budget Cuts Can Bring Creativity Into the Classroom

If you type in “education” into Google News, you find article after article on funding and budget cuts. The economy is still far from “reformed”, and everyone including our children, are feeling the effects. Teachers now need to be more creative in their classroom to keep their students engaged.

Incorporating new and fresh ideas isn’t a new tactic. Teachers have been evolving their craft since the first person started teaching. With that said, what can we do to keep student motivation and participation up when budget cuts are looming in the air? There are many cost-effective ways to include technology and fresh tactics into your curriculum.

Being energetic doesn’t cost you or your school board any money. It might be hard to put on a smile and be energetic some days, but if Ellen can do it—you can do it. If your teaching style is more serious in tone that doesn’t mean you can’t be energetic. We aren’t talking about jumping up and down and being a cheerleader for your kids, but it’s the way you stand, talk and give out information.

Smiles are contagious—how many of you could not smile at someone who smiles at you? Frowns are also contagious, so make sure you are setting the example for your students. You have to be 10x more energetic than your students to keep them engaged. Another way to get them energized is by INVOLVING them with the lesson. Have them work in teams, create a learning game, anything to get them up moving and motivated.

What if your next English assignment was inspired by a video of the Tempest you showed your class? Hooking up your computer to a projector is inexpensive, and brings the world of YouTube to your students. If you have a video camera you can have your students submit videos via YouTube for a video book report.

There’s an App For That!
If you have an iPhone, you can send your students text messages to remind them of an important test, or even home study tips in the evening.  Thinking of new teaching tools such as mobile apps can be extremely beneficial. The app Mozes is a great tool to reach your kids via text message.

Get Involved
Going to sporting events to support students who are participating is an excellent way of building a sense of trust with your students. Juliann Frangella, a teacher in Illinois told us on our Facebook Page, “I have been doing this for years…the kids get such a kick out of it!”

Parent involvement is important, and sporting events is a great place to meet them outside of the classroom. Interacting with parents in a different environment than your classroom can really make the bond between you and the parent even stronger.

What have you done to get more creative in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below.

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Social Networking Seminar for Parents Reveals the Secrets of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter

Secrets of Social Networking

How many of you have students that can’t get through the day without checking their Facebook page or updating their Twitter status? In just four years, social websites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter have become more popular than TV, with ninety-three percent of teens having social accounts online and kids as young as 7th and 8th grade spending up to four hours per day online. There’s a huge upside to knowing how to leverage the full potential of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, but there are also some hefty risks if used improperly.

To help parents better understand the opportunities and risks associated with social networking for their kids and teens, Quantum Learning Network is hosting a special two-hour seminar entitled “The Secrets Behind Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter,” on July 18 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m at our headquarters in Oceanside, California.

At this seminar, parents will learn valuable information needed to help their kids, including the “best practices” of social networking for students:

  • Safe online homework collaboration
  • Reliable online researching
  • Online college recruiting secrets
  • Best sites for networking
  • How to make extra summer cash online

Parents will also learn how to help their children avoid the dangers of social networking, including:

  • Identity theft protection
  • Cyberbullying support
  • Damaging personal reputations, and
  • Hurting college admission and job opportunities

“It’s important for kids and teens to understand how to take advantage of what these sites have to offer. And it’s just as important that both they and their parents know the right way to do it.” – QLN president Bobbi DePorter

The cost to attend this seminar is $25 per person and just $35 per couple. Parents can enroll online or by phone at 800-285-3276, ext. 115.

Please enroll now to save your spot, and pass this information along to parents you know who would benefit from this very important seminar. We hope to see you on the 18th!

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